You are Not Flawed or Stupid for being with a Narcissist

You are not stupid, imperfect, flawed, and unwise for living with a narcissist.

A narcissist can be a parent or partner of yours that may not be easy to let go of or get away from. Although in the presence of the narcissist, you cannot unfold to become the amazing person you should be, you can still ignore what the toxic person says to you, for the sake of your sanity.
Humans are pack animals and they live in communities, tribes, families, and neighborhoods. Every culture has sayings, norms, and values that most people of the same community believe in. Some norms can be absurd and stupid but it can be VERY hard to reject them in front of others who believe in them.

If a culture believes that “Women are hysterical”, or “Men are pigs”, you are smart enough to know they are wrong, but you cannot be the odd one out rejecting what everyone else considers completely normal. Culture may not allow you to set boundaries, care about your feelings and emotions, or respect you, and allow you to have personal space.
Even though you are suffering from emotional stress and understand that you are being treated unfairly in a situation, you may not be able to speak up against it. The timing may not be right. You could be emotionally or financially dependent on the toxic or narcissistic person.
A narcissist can train you to focus on the narcissist and in the process, you numb the pain that you are going through because of that. The narcissist can take advantage of your boundaries that have been overstepped again and again.
You are an amazing person and are perfect the way you are. No one should tell you that you are flawed, hopeless, or undeserving of love and attention. A narcissist will never allow you to grow and explore your capabilities.

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The narcissistic husband or father forces you to give up yourself, to make room for only him in your life. He will belittle you, ridicule you and scare you.


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The narcissistic wife or mother manipulates you. Nothing is ever good enough for her. She will blame you for everything bad in her life.

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