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February 15, 2018
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March 1, 2018
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You are a horsewagon – why?

Imagine if you will, a wooden wagon. One of those things with a horse and two wheels. The driver in the front with a whip in his hand and in the back room for goods or passengers.

When trying to understand the concept of our existence here, it can be helpful to see this image.

The wagon itself is our body.

The horse is our emotions.

The driver is our mind.

The passenger is our essence.


The wagon needs tending to. Is has to be well greased and maintained, otherwise it will break down and not be able to carry us anywhere. Healthy food, dancing, massage, intimacy and other physical activity is needed to keep the wagon strong and durable.


The horse is sensitive and easily distracted – just like our emotions. It is governed by things outside it – a noise, a bug or light can make it react strongly. It does not understand rationality.


The driver thinks he is running the show. He feels like the most important part of the whole wagon and he will sometimes forget that without the horse and the wagon, he won’t get anywhere. Sometimes he will even get of at an inn and have too much beer and forget that he is responsible for taking care of both the horse and the wagon.


The passenger – our essence, is a – more often than not – passive passenger in the back, minding his own business and not interfering with the driving. When we start to wake up, we understand that the wagon is a precious vessel for carrying us around and giving us a wonderful, marvelous and magical experience while being here and we might need to let the passenger be more visible as that will make it easier to tend to the wagon and the horse – and the driver will be less likely to think he runs the show.

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