Why the narcissist partner or parent don’t want you to be happy

Basically, narcissistic people – whether diagnosed or not – have a huge hole in their self-esteem jar.

No matter how much love, attention and affection you put into it, there’s a hole in the bottom and everything just runs through and you’ll need to give more.


The narcissistic person actually has a LOT of pain inside – and their whole existence is about NOT feeling that pain. That’s why they project all the negative onto you – YOU’RE the crazy one, the abusive one, the one that makes them act unkind. If they make you the bad person, they can tell themselves that YOU are causing the pain and therefore it’s not about them.

If you’re happy, they can’t blame you for all the negative inside them – so it’s really important that you are miserable!

They don’t know this of course and they would never admit it – that’s part of their dysfunction. You and I can feel the pain inside and we know that we need to take responsibility and fix our own life, but for a narcissistic person, it’s never their pain. You’re causing it and that way, the abuser makes themselves be the victim.

In these books, you get the strategies to deal with it. You get tools to understand who they are this way and the knowledge and tools empower you to take your life back and stop letting them suck you dry, steal your joy and make you miserable.

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Narcissistic Men
10 Strategies to deal with toxic men

The narcissistic father or husband forces you to give up yourself, to make room for only him in your life. He will belittle you, ridicule you and scare you.

Narcissistic Women
10 Strategies to deal with toxic women

The narcissistic mother or wife manipulates you. Nothing is ever good enough for her. She will blame you for everything bad in her life.

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