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September 17, 2020
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“Why did you do it?” – guestblogger Charlotte Lindhardt

“Why did you do it?”

This question implicates that I committed a crime. Maybe I did. You’ll never know.

But it is not a crime to co-write a book about your upbringing in a dysfunctional family with a narcissistic parent. And that’s why people want to know about it.

When Mariah and I began writing our books about narcissism, she used her own experiences, while I hid mine under case stories. After a while, I realized that I wanted to break free. That I could add much more personal and emotional value to the book, if I was honest about my past. That it would help me – and that it would help others.

Therefore, I posted a Facebook-update about my upbringing, and it shocked a lot people who didn’t know. Instead of being shamed and scolded, which was a big part of my childhood, I received support and love.

Then I began writing. It was difficult. Not to put it into words. Apparently, I already had the words and my story inside me, ready to set free. The difficult thing was facing the buried memories and realizing that it WAS a big issue, and that I wasn’t insane. That it was all right to feel vulnerable and know that your childhood and youth was affected by – in my own, humble, non-professional opinion – a narcissistic parent and a co-dependent parent. That a dysfunctional family doesn’t have to include alcoholism or physical abuse. That mental abuse and the narcissistic spider’s web can create similar damage to a child.

And that is what I say to people, who asks me why I wrote about my childhood: To tell others that “normal” families not always are well-functioning or flawless. That narcissistic people exist in all kinds of environment. And that you can overcome it, and you will feel better, when you know that.

Guestblogger and co-writer of the books about narcissists, Charlotte Lindhardt, who has openly shared what it was like for her to grow up with a narcissistic mother.

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