The narcissistic father

Narcissistic fathers and mothers. Toxic parents. Is there anything worse for your self esteem and self love?

The book I wrote (with my wonderful friend Charlotte) about narcissistic fathers and husbands was important for me to write because of this:

When I grew up, I knew something was off. I couldn’t put my finger on because I was in the middle of it and because I wasn’t taught to see it. So I just assumed it was me. I was the problem. I was at fault. I was broken.

And I was, but I wasn’t born broken. And when I found out my father was a narcissist, a lot of missing pieces in my puzzle fell into place.

I googled his behavior and stumbled upon a webpage where the 9 criteria for narcissism was posted. I remember reading them, not expecting to find an answer, but as I read them and saw that ALL 9 fit my father exactly, my world crumbled for a few moments – like when in movies you see everything zoom in and go slow motion. Then I started crying. Tears of relief streamed down my face for around 20 minutes and I saw why I was broken. I wasn’t born that way and I didn’t break me. He broke me.

Part of me knew right there, that because I was not broken, I could be fixed. The story of my childhood will always be there, but it becomes that – a story – instead of being a cross I bear that weighs me down.

Back then – in the beginning of 2004 – there were not a lot of books about this. So I started writing one. In Danish of course, since I am originally Danish. It took me 6 years to finish it because I had to face the pain while writing it, but I could also write the process.

On the other side of it, I was asked to write a more general book about the issue and I did. Because I know what it’s like to find out that your parent is a narcissist and that you are NOT broken and something can be done. I wanted to pass that on. And here it is – the book about Narcissistic Men – fathers, husbands, boyfriends, brothers and co-workers. They are out there – and you don’t have to let them ruin your life anymore.There are answers.

Get them – for you – now! ❤

Narcissistic Men
10 Strategies to deal with toxic men

The narcissistic father or husband forces you to give up yourself, to make room for only him in your life. He will belittle you, ridicule you and scare you.


Narcissistic Women
10 Strategies to deal with toxic women

The narcissistic mother or wife manipulates you. Nothing is ever good enough for her. She will blame you for everything bad in her life.


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