Love: The Fundamental Power of the Universe
March 8, 2018
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The Dynamics of Spirituality

Spirituality is not something that can be conferred upon you like some title or an accolade. It is the inner-engineering where you need to look within and improve upon your flaws and short-comings, instead of blaming the outside world for your misfortunes. When your body, mind and soul resonate in perfect harmony with each other you start to vibrate with the energies of health and abundance at all levels of your being, and enjoy perfect synchronicity with the Universal Mind. Your level of spirituality depends greatly upon the standard of your consciousness, which is comprehensive of all your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and conditionings.

Your mind is the seat of your joy and sorrows. Therefore, be consciously aware of its activities, especially when it is in an idle mode. Each time you catch yourself entertaining a negative thought, stop it right there, and replace it immediately with that, which promotes greater joy and well-being. Your conscious-awareness thus helps to keep the self-sabotaging thoughts at bay. An unguarded mind is an open-door to hordes of negative thoughts, which distress you, and rob you of your much-needed peace.

Cast out the excess baggage of misgivings that you are carrying needlessly; it is slowing you down. To live with old painful memories is like twisting a knife into an open wound without respite. Surrender your painful memories to Time. The Hands of Time will heal your wounds and efface all the dark memories. Choose to live free. Live in the NOW for NOW is the only moment in time. Your past and future are non-existent. NOW is the moment of eternity. It is here that all your dreams are fulfilled. This is the moment of eternal peace. Be focused in the NOW, and tomorrows will take care of themselves.

Moreover, spirituality is about perceiving life through the rose-tinted glasses of unconditional love so that you see perfection in imperfection. The Light of unconditional love is the highest energy, which has the power to propel you to great spiritual heights. It is the crux of eternal peace and happiness, and acts as a catalyst, transmuting all darkness into Light itself. Your enemies and rivals play the role of stringent teachers bringing you the lessons of unconditional love through unpleasant situations. Therefore, it is in order to love and forgive your contenders because they are here to help you with your spiritual evolvement in the guise of enemies, at your behest, as per the divine Contract. The energy of unconditional love is an integral part of creation in all of cosmos. It is a religion of the highest order – a religion of brotherhood, peace and joy – an ultimate milestone in your Journey into the Light!

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