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Take your wifi with you – always!

As an author and online mentor/couples counselor, it is important to have internet wherever I go.

I love taking 3 days on the backroads of for example Canada where there is NO service whatsoever and just enjoy the silence of nature, bear sightings, elks and roasting potatoes over camp fire.

So far I have a deal with myself that every 3 days I have to check in to be there for clients who want to talk – but being in South America for 3 months made it almost impossible to keep that. not only can the service be weak and fluctuate a lot, but sometimes heavy rain or similar can take out the connection all together.

I have looked at “Wifi on the go” options for a long time. But being from Europe, traveling all over the world, it’s not so easy. Price and availability are factors that make it hard to just find and order the best.

I have done extensive research on it from time to time and didn’t really find what I was looking for – until recently.

Now there is a clear choice: Skyroam Solis.

It’s a little round device, doesn’t take up a lot of space in your bag and it gives you 4G wherever possible – and stabile! The fluctuating internet I have found in many hotels, campgrounds and restaurants is not an issue with Skyroam. If you have wifi in that area, Skyroam has wifi. I only saw it fluctuate once for a brief period of time under a concrete building. All is forgiven.

I have tested it for a month and I am pleased to say it gives me exactly what I need. I can do co-writing in Google Docs, video conferences with clients and bandwidth to upload videos to my social media timeline on the go!

LOVE that. I feel less limited and honestly I also gives me a feeling of being more safe. If something happens, I don’t have to first find a place with wifi before I can get a hold of friends or assistance.

Before Skyroam, my first thought in any country was “Where do I get a simcard for my phone?” – I don’t need that anymore, I have Skyroam and is online on touchdown at the runway!

I highly recommend it!

You can have 10% discount with this link!

 – and I get a gift as well – it’s a pure win win!
You just order it, unpack, activate it and off you go – surfing worldwide!
See you in Cyberspace! 🙂
UPDATE: Been using it for 3 months now and am pleased to say, that I only had issues with it 2 times – once I restarted it and that fixed the problem. The other time I had to move it closer to a window for some reason – but that fixed it. 🙂
I have done most of Europe with this and southern BC in Canada.
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