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October 12, 2017
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Split your being up to understand

To fully enjoy and explore the human experience, it is beneficial to understand the different parts of our manifestation.

That will also give us a tool to cope with hardship and support ourselves in a more sustainable way.


In the old days we were simply mind, body and soul – but that definition is no longer sufficient to actively use this to our advance in creating a blissful life.


We have to have emotions as a seperate part of us, because they can rule us in a way that makes it really hard to believe that we are actually the ones in control of whether or not to be governed by them. If we know that what is happening to us is “just” and emotion, then we can choose to honor the experience or we can let it go.

Imagine that your emotions, body and mind are three horses riding together. If one is scared or reacts to something, the other two can support “from either side” and make the fear smaller. Your mind and your body can support your emotions if they run wild, your emotions and body can support your mind if it starts racing and your mind and emotions can support your body if it experiences trauma.


We do have a mind and a body, but the soul is not a term that serves us any longer. A more loving approach to that part of us, would be to call it our essence, since the word soul implies that there is something in us living separate from everything else and that is not so.


We are all one. Made up of universal energy which has no boundaries. Our physical realm, together with time and space is just an illusion, but to have the human experience, we need to be able to immerse ourselves in the story that we have a physical form that is definable and a life that has a timeline.


Immersion is key to the full experience. Though, as we start to wake up spiritually and understand that it is all an illusion, we can distance ourselves from it more and more, still enjoying the benefits of having a body with emotions and a mind that has ideas, but we will be ruled by those things less and less.


So when we work with all the things that can be a challenge in human life, we should divide our existence into mind, body, emotions and essence.




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