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August 6, 2017
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August 20, 2017
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Going “No contact” with the narcissistic parent

Mette Glargaard talks about narcissism
Going "No contact" with the narcissistic parent

In this episode, I talk more about my own story and why I chose to go “No contact” with my father.

It is made with my Danish name, Mette Glargaard – and not my English pen name, Mariah Wolfe.

Questions in this episode:
– You broke contact with you father in 2005, why was that?
– Why do you spouses keep hoping for changes when they know there will be none, when it comes to relationships with the Narcissist?
– Can you talk about why Narcissism is so dangerous?
– You mentioned in an earlier episode when your father died, a journalist called you and had some inside information, would you be interested in sharing with us the real circumstances about your father’s death?
– Was you mom there for you through all of this or what kind of role did she play while you were going through such dramatic events?

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