Narcissistic traits and methods
August 6, 2017
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Growing up with a narcissistic parent

In this episode, we talk about 3 traits that are common for all types of narcissists and I share a part of my own story.
It is made with my Danish name, Mette Glargaard – and not my English pen name, Mariah Wolfe.

Questions in episode 1:
– How would you describe your father’s Narcissistic personality disorder?
– Looking back, what was the worst thing you encountered because of your father’s Narcissistic personality disorder?
– Where was your mother in all of this?
– Having one parent who is a Narcissist and another parent who is an Alcoholic, it must be extremely difficult for a child in such a family to ever feel safe and secure, so what would you say has been the worst side effect from growing up in a toxic environment like this?
– Growing up were you afraid that you will become your father eventually?
– Did you ever confront him about his behaviors and his toxicity?

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