Going “No contact” with the narcissistic parent
August 13, 2017
Travelling is therapeutic
November 1, 2017
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Getting out and getting over the narcissist

Mette Glargaard talks about narcissism
Getting out and getting over the narcissist

In this episode I talk a bit about getting out and getting over and handling the narcissist.

It is made with my Danish name, Mette Glargaard – and not my English pen name, Mariah Wolfe.

Questions in this episode:
– In an earlier episode you talk about not knowing the social rules, how did you work on that issue?
– You said that anyone can be dazzled by the narcissist, but could you give us a piece of advice on how to spot the narcissist early on so they could be avoided?
– So, if a person has fallen for a narcissist, what can friend and family do to help the person get away?
– Could you give us some advice on how to deal with narcissists, when we cannot not be around them such as a work place or you have a child with a narcissistic parent you have to interreact with them at some level, what advice do you have to deal with that kind of situation?

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