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Opening the third eye

Talking about opening the 3rd eye in the Western culture is a foolproof recipe for getting weird looks. The sixth sense is a valid conversational topic only if it includes mentioning Bruce Willis.
Still, anyone who is eager to find the answers to the most personal whys is highly motivated to find out about this strange concept.

Simplicity is the key. The human mind tends to hold onto things, always trying to grind on redundant information. It holds onto thoughts, and it tries to make them physical—which can be a very harmful thing. It intentionally complicates stuff—as this is its food.

In contrast, simplicity is the only valid path to the 3rd eye. The third eye sees beyond the physical, it sees outside, and it sees inside. Basically, it is a higher plane of perception. You can call it God, Yoga, Kundalini, whatever you want, but fundamentally it’s all about elevating your awareness from a limited physical perception to a higher one.

From the lowest point of Muladhara chakra, motivating you to search for food and sleep, to the Ajna or the third eye chakra, giving you the clarity of vision.

I bet your mind is screaming right now: “Enough with the theory. Now tell me how to open my damn third eye!”

Patience, young padawan. You and yourself only will be able to tread the path. I can only give you an approximate direction.

Now, you might be tempted to wear a patch for a few days. Sure, you have seen blind people develop an uncanny intuition, but you should remember they heightened a certain aspect of their MIND, not their third eye. The third eye is a totally different dimension.

My tips for an opened third eye is as direct as it gets. Here’s a few starters and if you want, I have created a simple, but comprehensible online course that teaches you everything about opening the third eye.
– Calm your mind. When we meditate or let us be absorbed in an activity we love, we let the eye’s message to become clearer.
– Allow yourself to get creative. Unapologetically immerse into an art, craft. Let your inspiration run through an activity. You should know which one. If not, explore and experiment.
– Strengthen your chakras starting with the root, Muladhara chakra. You cannot proceed to open up your third eye if other ones are weak. There is a plethora of how-tos already online. All you need to remember is to build from the bottom up.

Start with a mindful shower; feel the water, breathe in and breathe out.

Until next time,

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