Narcissistic Parents are Emotionally Invasive

A narcissistic parent might demand you to tell them everything you are going through. If you don’t share your emotions, you can feel guilty. The children of narcissists are brainwashed in a way so that they feel they owe their parents and part of this is that they have to share everything.
To heal from emotional abuse the first thing you should do is stop sharing everything. Understand that you don’t owe your narcissistic parent anything. You have a right to say; “This is private”
They might get annoyed and upset when you say no, but it is necessary for your well-being. They might yell at you and claim it is their right; “I am your father/mother and I deserve to know! I care about you!”
Acknowledge this behavior, they are only manipulating you. Stay calm and don’t yell back at them. Don’t explain anything. Just say I don’t want to share it. You can make it clear that you altogether don’t like to share your private life with others.They will dig deep and try their best to persuade you to open up to them but you should hold your stance. In this situation, what the narcissist is trying to do is argue. They want you to defend and explain yourself by luring you into their trap.

If they get angry and yell or ask you the same question over and over, just stay relaxed – even though it is very hard, but you can do it better the more you practice – and stand your ground. You are not responsible for them being angry. Repeat calmly what you said already that “It is private.”
They are going to be annoyed but at least you have not become their puppet and haven’t let them manipulate you. Always stay calm and never participate in arguments and defend yourself because it is useless. Narcissists can never understand you, they are emotionally incapable of that.

A narcissistic parent will abuse you emotionally like a incestious parent abuses the child sexually and it will stay that way even though you become an adult.

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