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Make your own chocolate – EASY and HEALTHY and TASTY

Did you know??? Making chocolate is really easy.

Since I found out I had a hormonal disease in 2007 (Graves disease) I live 90% healthy – vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and berries. I don’t have any symptoms when I live like that.

BUT – I looooooooove sweets. And chocolate is on top of that list. Sweet chocolate that is. Sweet, flavored chocolate! You can’t have that when you live healthy, can you? YES, YOU CAN!

A few years ago I found out you can make your own and I started to experiment. It seemed a little complicated, because the cacao butter has to be below a certain temperature all the time, you need to centrifuge the chocolate and you need special skills to make filled chocolates. I almost gave up.

However – IT’S A LIE that it’s complicated!!! Making chocolate is SUPER easy! Now I have tasted a lot of homemade chocolate and some of it is quite bitter or melts too fast when you hold it. I don’t want that.

I looked for recipes online and started experimenting – I think I made chocolate 200 times before I cracked the nut, but since I insist on being healthy AND have my sweet chocolate, I became stubborn and kept trying.

Chocolate in itself is super healthy – loaded with antioxidants and healthy stuff – but when you add milk or milk protein or whey – which is in most commercial chocolate – the good stuff is killed. The proteins in dairy cancels out the good stuff in chocolate. And sugar is – well, I’m sure you know – more toxic than poison and more addictive than heroin and makes your body inflamed and vulnerable to disease.

I thought it would be impossible to make chocolate that tasted good, was healthy and still easy to make. It isn’t!!!! Are you ready? You’re going to absolutely LOVE this!

When I stay for longer in one place, one of the first things I do, is order a cheap melter on Amazon.  A so called “chocolatiere” – it’s less than 30 usd – click here to see it.

When you order this, order the 3 main ingredients you need along with it. Then you don’t have to go shopping.

Get raw cacao powder – click here

Get cacao butter – click here

Get agave syrup to sweeten – click here

The reason I choose Blue Agave syrup as sweetener is that it doesn’t really have a flavor, it just sweetens – we want to have the chocolate taste in the chocolates, not the agave – that’s why I don’t use maple syrup or honey – it has too much flavor!

A bonus tip – you can open all 3 links and click “buy” on each one and they are all saved in your shopping cart – you don’t lose what’s in your cart even though you open multiple windows. That’s just one of the reasons I love shopping at Amazon – I can browse in several windows for different products, but Amazon remembers what I put in the cart in all of them 🙂

Ok. Now you have the 3 ingredients and the melter. The reason why you want a melter is that it makes it A LOT easier to make chocolate. Melting the butter, it must NEVER get warmer than 30 degrees celsius and with the melter, you don’t have to check or measure the temperature – the melter is made to ensure that, even on the highest setting! It’s brilliant.

So – here’s the BASIC recipe:

  • Put a cup of cacao butter in the melter and wait for it to melt
  • Put a piece of baking paper on a plate that fits in your fridge
  • Put half a cup of cacao powder in a small bowl and make sure there’s no lumps in there – just mash through it with a fork. Getting lumps out AFTER you mix it with the melted cacao butter is hard, so do it before you mix.
  • Put the melted cacao butter in the bowl with the cacao powder and mix – with a fork or a whisk. It will only need whisking for a minute
  • Mix 1/4 of a cup of agave syrup in
  • Pour the mix onto your baking paper on the plate and put it in the fridge
  • Wait 20 minutes – and voilá, your chocolate is ready!

You can off course sweeten it more or less – see how you like it. When you’ve got your favorite mix right, there are a LOT of ways to make different kinds of chocolate. Here’s a few ideas:

– Mix 1/4 of a cup of unsweetened (a lot of companies put sugar in – it’s totally unnecessary, so check when you buy) peanut butter into your basic mix along with a pinch of fine salt before pouring the mix on the baking paper. (Real finely crushed sea salt, not artificial, it doesn’t taste the same)

– Place raw salted and skinned mixed nuts on the baking paper before pouring the chocolate mix over it.

– Place roughly crushed corn flakes on the baking paper before pouring the chocolate mix over

These 3 variations are my favorite – and there’s one more. For that you need a chocolate mold, like this: (Click here to get them)

They are easy to work with. To make this tasty variation, you need fresh blueberries. Pop one in each of the “rooms” in the heart mold and pour your chocolate mix over. Tip: When you’ve filled the “rooms” in the mold, shake it up and down – gently, so the chocolate doesn’t spill. This is to remove air pockets and if you don’t do it, you’re sure to get holes in your chocolates. It doesn’t ruin the taste, just the looks 🙂

Since this mold makes bigger pieces of chocolate, you need to have it in the fridge for longer – an hour should do it, then you can take them out and enjoy that you are having a snack, that counts as a healthy meal – and with the blueberries, you are also feeding your brain, since blueberries are considered brain food.

This is a long blogpost, but I hope you find it simple and useful. Give chocolates a try – you will most definitely be surprised by the delightful taste and easiness.

Keep your chocolates refrigerated – they melt at 23 degrees celsius, but do not put them in your freezer. Chocolate does not like very high and very low temperatures.


NB. Do NOT listen to those who tell you to put coconut oil in chocolate – it ruins the flavor and the chocolate will melt in your hand.

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