Love That Lasts: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Dating, Say Goodbye to Toxic Relationships and Make every Date count

Do you have to kiss a thousand frogs before you find a soulmate?

I say NO!
100 years ago, we married the boy next door, stayed together until we died and mostly lived in the same place.
Our lives have changed MASSIVELY and this has affected our dating as well.
To name just 3 factors that change the possibilities on a scale that is almost unmanageable:
- We can, literally, choose between several billion people
- In the Western world, 70% of all families have some form of unsuitable patterns
- Many choose to do personal work, to get rid of old patterns that no longer serve them and this means that they do not "fit in" with the old cultures.

It dawned on me a few years ago: I can't "just" go on dates with "sweet and loyal men who have good intentions, love good food and long walks" It's simply not specific enough. I have worked a lot on myself and I have an idea of how I want my life to look - and feel. Do you know that? I know what I want and what I don't want.

When I go out to eat, I don't just go to a restaurant that looks nice or that might have something I like. I research. I find the restaurant that has exactly the food I want to eat today. My time is precious and the time I spend with people I care about is the MOST precious - so it must be good! On the screen, I don't just let random content fill me up, I choose what interests me and makes me happier, smarter, funnier or more filled with love. We are what we eat and that applies to all inputs.

In other words: We CHOOSE far more today than 100 years ago. We HAVE to choose because the flow of options is so massive! So of course the same must apply to my dating! I have to be clear about who I am, what I expect and what I dream of, because then the chance of finding a soulmate that SUITS me will be MUCH greater.

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