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This has me excited – laundry with love

Laundry strips

We all have to do it. Laundry, that is. I don’t mind it and one thing I really love is the smell of fresh laundry that has dried outside!

I don’t do well with chemicals and perfume – that’s one thing, but also I like to be as responsible to the Earth we share as I can. I do a lot of things, but that’s not the topic of this post.

For some time I used the laundry egg and was very pleased with it. It does take up some space in my carry on though and when I saw the Tru Earth strips, I got excited. I get excited a lot – it’s kind of my thing and I love that I am like that 🙂

These sheets save space in my carry on, you can have them with or without scent and they dimply dissolve in the machine.

“Why not just buy detergent wherever you are, Mariah?” Well, often I can’t use a whole bottle because I don’t stay for more than a month in a place, so I am going to waste a lot of money by buying one every time I get to a place – and a lot of plastic – those jugs are not good for the environment!

The strips are great! We often wash in cold water and the strips dissolve in both warm and cold water, so no worries there.

Because it is strips, they take up literally no space in my carry on and they work – which off course is the most important part of this.

I think I would use these even if I wasn’t traveling all the time – because they are environmentally smart, effective and gently on my skin and my clothes.

You go ahead and try them and tell me what you think! You can get them here: Tru Earth

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