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Invest with ease for living and traveling

Let’s talk about stock and how to make a living being on the road!

I started trading stocks 6 months ago. I wasn’t very good at it though. Mostly because following the financial news is soooo boring. But I also mostly bought too late because of my timezone and missed out on the jumps that some stocks do. I got frustrated.

I tried different apps and trading platforms, but a lot of them wanted me to pay extra to have real time quotes. All in all, too freaking boring and complicated for me.

I was JUST about to sell everything and give up, when I heard about eToro. (Click here to open an account and read more: eToro investment )

The people I talked to, said it was different, because you could copy successful traders and that way you didn’t have to follow the news. Or choose a bunch of stock in a certain area, like green energy or gaming or crypto and put your money in that. (I do prefer the copying people though, more diversity, but to each her own)

I have given it a spin over the last 6 weeks – and I have actually made 500 euro. Yeah. And I have not read the news once. What I did was go in and find a trader in the system who was doing good and then choose to “copy” them. You just click a button and then your money will be invested in what this trader is investing in. When he buys, your money buys, when he sells, your money sells.

You get a message saying “It will take 3-4 weeks until you have green numbers instead of red”, but for me it only took 2 weeks before I was in the green.
So I closed the other trading platforms and put my savings in eToro instead – it’s a lot easier!

I got the option of investing in things I believe in – for example green energy, gaming, crypto or whatever I fancy – or I can leave it to someone else, who knows what they are doing better than me.
If you have always wanted to try investing, but don’t care to follow the news or you want a stock portfolio that is for example ONLY green energy, but don’t have the patience to find the best stocks in that area, eToro is for you. And you can start with 50 euro!
Give it a spin – I’m pretty sure you’ll laugh all the way to the bank 🙂

A tip: If you want to play it safe, choose to copy traders with green or black stars on their profile pic, those are people who have a lot of money and are doing mostly long term investments.

I have 1 green and the rest are blue and red – because I don’t mind a little risk. If you need suggestions on who to copy, let me know, I’ll help you find some traders to copy 🙂

To read about eToro and open an account, click here: Invest with ease at eToro

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