I never attracted nice people

– and I thought it was because I was jinxed or not worthy enough.

Why am I not being treated nicely when I treat others nicely?

There is a quote from Beyoncé saying

“The world will see you

the way you see you

and treat you

the way you treat yourself”

And people sometimes ask me why they are being mistreated by their loved ones when they actually love themselves.

And to this I must say:

You are not loving yourself as you think you are. Because if you loved yourself, you would remove yourself from people who don’t treat you lovingly as soon as they start mistreating you.

Selflove is also about you ensuring that you feel good in the world. That you are picky with your people. That you don’t expose yourself to idiots (more than you absolutely have to, because we can’t completely avoid dealing with the odd asshole) and that you don’t let yourself be caught up in emotions and drama that do not facilitate your happiness.

Recently I ran into this trap (again again =P ) and stayed in a situation that was making me uncomfortable. Afterwards I angrily asked a friend “Why is this happening to me when I am actually loving myself!?” and she said calmly, while smiling “You once told me that when you put yourself in situations that are not good for you, you forget your selflove in that moment. You don’t love yourself. So let me ask you, what you asked me back then: What can you do for you that is selflove, right this moment?”

I laughed and hugged her and thanked her for reminding me of an old lesson that I have had to learn several times. I closed my eyes and felt my selflove and stayed in my core and acted from that point in my being – and I haven’t put myself in situations like that since. Thank you. me <3

Do you recognize this? Tell me in the comments below if you do 🙂

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