How to handle the classic narcissist

You can’t get rid of your childhood, but you can make it stop controlling you!

  • They lie.
  • They manipulate.
  • They take away your joy and your belief in yourself.
  • They cut you off from your friends. They break you down, gradually, word by word, betrayal by betrayal. They make you believe that you are wrong; that you are crazy – maybe even that you are narcissistic. They destroy your self-worth and your self-confidence.
  • The narcissists. They steal your life. Take it back!

This book provides insight and knowledge about the narcissists in families, in relationships, and in the workplace. This book enables you to see through their playing games and methods, and it gives you exercises and tools to handle their behavior. The book also gives you insight into the consequences of being close to a narcissist, and it tells you how to handle the aftereffects. When you are aware of the consequences, it is easier to deal with them – and to find your way back to the person you used to be.