These emails will help you heal from emotional trauma. You don’t need to be in therapy for 7 years once a week – there is a LOT you can do on your own.

I have created this email series with tools and inspiration – it gives you all the best and newest tools from psychotherapy, neuroscience and life coaching. I also recommend books for you to read to move on.

These emails will help you

  • feel more relaxed
  • not to get caught up in other people’s drama
  • see yourself for who you really are – very lovable
  • teach you how to change unhealthy behaviour to healthy
  • choose better relationships
  • be more self loving
  • heal emotional trauma
  • better your cognitive skills, like concentration and focus
  • choose things and people that make you happy

I will also share with you how I handled self esteem, narcissism, dysfunctional families and addiction.

I will share my journey to look at and get rid of shame and toxic behaviour.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, I will share what worked for me, to inspire you and give you the option to take what you can use in your own life and relationships!

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