I am so grateful for my abusive childhood
October 17, 2016
Watch me reveal what I know about you
October 17, 2016
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Exercise – just for laughs

Therapy and great tools are not enough to overcome abuse and neglect.

We have to show both our mind, heart and body that we love ourself and will take good care of us.

I am so happy in my life today. I know myself VERY well and I treat me VERY good. I feel love all around me.

I have the ability to pass on knowledge about the issues of growing up with parents like that and help other people get through it.

That is huge – imagine that – being able to move people, to help them fulfill their dreams and desires.

I am able to write great stories, to entertain and enlighten with my words. To describe the inner life of people.

In the beginning it feels like hard work, but it turns into an adventure - a hero's journey after a while.

You know when you feel every step makes you gratful!

What are you grateful for?

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