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October 24, 2018
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June 21, 2019
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Digital nomad – or…?

There are many names describing this: Tippie (traveling hippie), Location Independent Entrepreneur, Tech Vagabond, Cyber Hippie, Binary Wanderer or Digital Nomad.

It’s all the same – I am a person, who has no permanent home, but live traveling while I run my business online.

To me, the most important bit of that is the nomad part. My whole life I have wanted to move, move and move again, tiring the people around me, feeling ashamed of it and not really understanding what it was in me that wanted to move all the time. Nobody else was like this and several times I have been told that this restlessness in me is wrong and dysfunctional.

2 years ago I got divorced and I had already started traveling the year before and that – together with some other stuff – made me realize that I was in the wrong place. That home is not a permanent location for me.

When the divorce was final, I sold everything and gave the rest away, packed a carry on and left. I left for Tenerife, a small Spanish island off of the African westcoast, thinking it was just a vacation for a few months.

But while being there I had another spiritual awakening and realized that I have been a nomad my whole life. This is not something that was imprinted on me in my childhood. This is who I am. I started dreaming of Latin America. I was there in 1991 and always wanted to come back, so after 12 months in Tenerife, I packed up once again and headed to Colombia.

That was my first stop. Since then I have visited 6 different countries in 6 months and was fortunate enough to meet a partner, who was of the same mindset and we have decided to Tippie Europe now for a year.

What a relief! To understand that there was nothing wrong with me (Oh, how many times in my life, this understanding has come to me in different ways. I know in my mind that nothing is EVER wrong with me, but the old stories of culture and family lives in us and pops up from time to time, giving us a new insight – I love that!) – that I was just nomadic by nature. And to start respecting that, honoring that in me and feeling the inner peace that it has given me to be on the move – that is very blissful!

Sometimes I will stay in a place for three days, something for 3 weeks – I let my heart decide.

Do you know any nomads?

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