Dead Men

Marie kills men. Or maybe she creates justice in the world. She is a serial killer.
After a suitable period of ‘mourning’ for her latest abusive and now deceased lover, Marie ventures back into the world and meets Lotte – a very ordinary girl. Despite their very obvious differences, Marie and Lotte become friends and when Lotte’s latest boyfriend becomes abusive, Marie decides to help Lotte and ‘takes care of him’.

  • Thus begins a most unusual partnership. But there is a third party in the relationship. Failed policeman Peter Hansen has a good case – the case against Marie – but he will use it for his own profit.

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Reviews from Danish readers

Rarely do I have the patience to read a whole book - This caught me from the first page!

Mariah's psychological insight makes this a unique novel - Never read anything like it!

I understand and why this became a Bestseller from day 1 - I couldn't stop reading!

I am not sure whether I LOVE or DESPISE marie most - Well OK, I Love her! She is my Hero!