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October 17, 2016
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October 17, 2016
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Dead Men in the top ten! Killer book!

My thriller is a killer!

I just found out that my thriller about the serial killer Marie, who kills men, who abuses women, is placed in the top 10% of it’s category!

I have gotten great reviews on both the Danish version “Døde Mænd” and the English version “Dead Men”, but it didn’t really take off – until those reviews were posted – and I changed the cover.

Imagine that – a great story can be overlooked just because it hasn’t got the right cover!

I am so thrilled – and grateful. Thank you for making this book great!

I hope that you too will review it when you have read it, helping others to know why and how to choose this book.

You can get it here: Dead Men


Marie kills men. Or maybe she creates justice in the world. She is a serial killer.

After a suitable period of ‘mourning’ for her latest abusive and now deceased lover, Marie ventures back into the world and meets Lotte – a very ordinary girl. Despite their very obvious differences, Marie and Lotte become friends and when Lotte’s latest boyfriend becomes abusive, Marie decides to help Lotte and ‘takes care of him’.

Thus begins a most unusual partnership. But there is a third party in the relationship. Failed policeman Peter Hansen has a good case – the case against Marie – but he will use it for his own profit.

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