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You deserve better!

Have you lost your way in the relationship with your spouse?

Do you feel lonely or not understood?

Do you quarrel too much?

Have you lost the spark and intimacy?

Are you confused about something in your life?

Need to get over abuse?

Tired of the dating game being too overwhelming or not providing results?

Let me help you! I have 20 years experience helping individuals find more happiness and peace in their life. Helping couples to communicate more adequately, putting passion back into the relationship and finding that sacred room where love grows between you.

If you are in a session with your partner, I will hear both of you and give you tools to work out your issues.

A relationship should be a place where we feel safe – a place to grow and live our dreams.

Your life should be like that – a place for dreams and bliss!


Send me an email on if you have questions or want to book a session.




Mariah Wolfe is a couples counsellor, psychotherapist, author of 4 bestselling books, published on Amazon, speaker and world traveller.

Mariah Wolfe