Books about narcissism – and you don’t need a Kindle

My books are out! And with 2 weeks the flew to first place on Amazon, not just in 1 category, but in 3 different categories.

I think these books were missing in the market – books with not ONLY knowledge, but lots of CASES and TOOLS to deal with the toxic narcissists in our lives.

I hear a lot of people be worried they can’t read Kindle books if they don’t have a Kindle device – but it’s really not necessary!

You can DOWNLOAD the Kindle app for ANY device right here – and it’s safe and free:

Once you have that, you can read ANY book from Amazon. The cool thing about the app is that it remembers where you got to in every book you read, so even if you switch from phone to tablet, Kindle will remember the page you last read in any book.

Another cool feature is that it has clickable Table of Content – this is cool for my books because I made the titles of the chapters very on point in regards to the content or topic, so if you are searching for a specific topic in the book, you can use the clickable TOC in your Kindle app.

The books contain knowledge about narcissism, so you can find out if the person close to you IS actually a narcissist. It then gives you tools to deal with the gaslighting, rage, manipulation, ghosting, triangulation and all the other devious methods of the narcissist that drives you crazy.

Even though you have narcissists of both genders in your life, you only need one of the books, because each book thoroughly describes how to handle specific behaviour seen with narcissists! So even you for example have a passive aggressive mother and a demeaning husband, you can choose one book and it will give you tools for dealing with both your mother and your husbands behaviour.

Click on a book cover to read more:

Narcissistic Men
10 Strategies to deal with toxic men

The narcissistic husband or father forces you to give up yourself, to make room for only him in your life. He will belittle you, ridicule you and scare you.


Narcissistic Women
10 Strategies to deal with toxic women

The narcissistic wife or mother manipulates you. Nothing is ever good enough for her. She will blame you for everything bad in her life.

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