About Mariah

Born with the name Mette Glargaard in Northern Jutland in Denmark in 1966. Both parents were actors.

Mariah became known to the public in 2011 when she revealed her famous father to be a narcissist and talked openly about her upbringing and the consequences of being a daughter of a narcissistic father and an alcoholic mother.

Before she became known to the public, she wrote the bestseller The Power To Be You and the follow up book Your Healing Journey”.

She has been educated as a Social Educator, Psychotherapist, Mentor, Couples Coach and Soulguide.

First educated in 2003 as an experiential and existential psychotherapist and have kept educating herself, branching out to find the best solutions for her and her clients.

Some of the latest knowledge is that of the brain and how our brain works. It's called neuroaffective therapy and she has used this since 2014. Often we tend to think that for example anxiousness and depression is a personality thing, which is not correct and knowing that and the details around it can be very empowering.

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